Trick Dog

by Jonny

Get to the bottom of cocktails based on conspiracy theories.


Just in time for the weekend comes Trick Dog‘s newest menu. The Bon Vivants, the quirky crew behind the Mission cocktail bar, have landed on the theme of “Top Secret” for their bi-annual menu update (the former menu was a calendar of dogs, with each month featuring different cocktails inspired by each pet).

This time the menu is inspired by conspiracy theories unearthed by the fictional Bureau of Advanced Research & Conspiracy (also known as BARC…see what they did there?) and is manifested as a series of classified government files. Featured theories include Bigfoot, Area 51 and the “Elvis is still alive” rumor. (Incidentally, today would have been the classic crooner’s 81st birthday. Coincidence?) The Bon Vivants are nothing if not committed, including some “never-before-seen” photos and videos to accompany the new menu. Check out the SF sasquatch sightings in the video below.

And, in addition to the barrage of incredibly social media-friendly materials that accompany it, there appears to be some tasty cocktails at the end of this top secret rainbow. Drinks like Chemtrails (Old Grand-Dad Bonded bourbon, grapefruit, caramel corn and lemon juice) and Moon “Landing” (Rutte Celery gin, mango falermouth, sparkling wine) are particularly compelling, though there’s a plethora of intriguing, paranoid-sounding beverages to choose from. There’ll also be low- and no-proof beverages, and a piña colada for two in a hollowed-out pineapple. And, being the accommodating fellows that they are, the recipes for the new cocktails can be found on their website (though good luck making that ginger reishi mushroom syrup).

The menu went live today at 3 p.m. EST, so get out there and get weird at Trick Dogs immediately.

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