Trick Dog


Art comes in countless forms. At Trick Dog, our art is the cocktails, the food, the environment, our hospitality, and our menus. Since we opened in January of 2013, we have challenged ourselves every six months to present our original cocktails in a new creative format. The menus have included 45 RPM records, an astrology wheel, a dog calendar, and political campaign buttons, to name a few.
As we brainstormed our ninth menu, we sought to do a few things. First, present the menu in a format we have yet to use. Second, use the menu as a platform to bring many people together, coordinating something that hopefully becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Third, use the menu as a medium to support something that is important to us personally — in this case, the local arts community. And fourth, use the menu as a way to raise money for charity.

So now, we present to you our new menu: the Trick Dog Mural Project. We brought together fourteen local artists to paint fourteen different sanctioned public murals around San Francisco. Those fourteen murals are presented here in this book. Each of our thirteen cocktails are presented with one mural (one mural is by a duo), and the cocktail is named after the artist. The fourteenth mural was a collaboration between the artists and can be seen on the front of our building as well as on the cover of this book.

While this book will be used for six months as Trick Dog’s cocktail menu, this limited release will also be sold during that time with proceeds bene ting two local non-pro ts: Precita Eyes, whose mission is to, “Enrich and beautify urban environments and educate communities locally and internationally about the process and history of public community mural art,” and Creativity Explored, whose mission is to, “Give artists with developmental disabilities the means to create and share their work with the community, celebrating the power of art to change lives.”

In a world that is constantly ghting to preserve the arts, we hope this menu will be a gesture of our commitment to helping that effort. We have tremendous gratitude for everyone who helped us put this project together: all of the artists who came together to paint; all of the people who generously donated their walls; Sonya Yu for photographing the project; and special thanks to artists Sam Flores and Ronnie Buders, who in addition to their murals, curated and coordinated this entire project with us.